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Leading game design for delightful experiences!

Moonfrog was founded in late 2013 by a team of industry veterans with the mission of making mobile gaming inclusive in India

With successful games like Ludo Club, Jalebi and Teen Patti Gold, Moonfrog has learned not only to breathe life into evergreen family games, but also continues to pioneer in the development of new mobile games, like Baahubali and Kalyug.

 Our unique and powerful engineering and product capabilities ensure that subscribers to our games receive a delightful and superior gaming experience 

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Our Values


My Moonfrog, One Company, One Goal


Be Trustworthy, Trust Yourself, Trust Others


Moonfrog Smart, Moonfrog Fast, Moonfrog Excellent


Serve Our players

The Beginning

While working together at Zynga, our founding team had an idea – to create world-class gaming experiences in India. At the time, it felt like taking a leap for the moon but they were eager to leave their mark for player-kind. This is how they envisioned the Moonfrog logo, and on November 22, 2013, Moonfrog Labs was born.

Backed by large investors including Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global, Moongfrog Labs continues to earn trust with its players and provides next-level gaming experiences.


200+ Employees in Group

Nov 2020

Jalebi - 3rd Major Title

July 2018

Ludo Club - 2nd Major Title

Sep 2017

100 Employees

Apr 2017

Series B Funding - Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global

Mar 2015

Teen Patti Gold - 1st Major Title

Aug 2014

Founded by Tanay, Ankit, Puspesh, Oliver and Dimpal

Nov 22, 2013
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